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We guaranty a professional quality and optimal hygiene. All needles and tubes are sterile packed, ultrasonic cleaned and autoclave sterialized

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 We have a large picture library with all kind of subjects and styles but you can also develop your own design or describe your idea which we will work out according your personal taste and optimal result.

Please feel welcome to visit us.

Old tattoo's which don't look that good anymore, can be restored and our specialty is Cover-ups, new tattoo's placed over the old and poor tattoo's.


Example of cover-up:

There are some strict limits to get a tattoo.

  • No tattoo's in face, neck or hands
  • Minimum age of 16 years, with permission of the parents. There is a possibility that we ask your ID card
  • Not under the influence of booze or drugs
  • When you use medicines, you have to mention this to the tattoo artist
  • If you are interested, please visit our gallery.


Opening times:

  • Monday till Saturday: 10:00 hrs - 22:00 hrs
  • Sunday by appointment.

-- We hope to see you soon, thanks for the visit.

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